Trip to the Beach

Monday, January 08, 2007

Mama Bodark found some straw for a bed. She had a litter of pups about 2 months ago. When we first met her, she was young, happy and always seemed to be smiling. With time, she's had to survive on the streets, and has lost most of her pups. She doesn't carry the same youthful smile she once had, but she always wags her tail and runs up to us when we're around.

She had her pups behind an enclosed, 5 foot high concrete wall. The area is safe, and the pups can't get out until they are big enough to jump over the wall. But, there isn't a lot of food in there. Mama caught them a bird the other day, and she brings in whatever she can. Several days ago I looked over the wall to see one pup attempting to eat a pup that had just died. We buried the dead one, and got them some dog food as a replacement.

The little ones haven't seen people before, and aren't quite ready to come up to us. They are very curious, and like the new food. They like to bark at us, run away, run back, bark, and run away again.

From left: Melvin, Moses and Molly Bodark

Mama dog always knows when we go in there, and she comes in to see. She whimpers in a certain way that brings the pups closer. Thus far, we feed them once a day. We're going to be out of town for 3 weeks, and the dogs will be without their soup kitchen. But after we come back, we should be around for a while, so if they live, you'll see more pictures of Molly, Moses and Melvin.